On The Forefront Of Same-Sex Marriage Law

Following years of legal battles, same-sex couples in Wisconsin now enjoy the right to get married. However, while this hard-fought victory has finally settled this particularly important family law issue, several others remain unresolved.

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How Do Changes In The Law Affect You?

Now that the ban on same-sex marriage is no longer in effect in Wisconsin, many other laws must similarly evolve, including laws related to same-sex divorce as well as those dealing with child custody and support, just to name a few.

Since the future of same-sex family law is yet largely undetermined in Wisconsin, it is important to consult with an attorney who is already on the forefront of this area of the law if you experience any related legal issues.

Status Of Children Following A Same-Sex Couple Split

One of the largest questions looming following the recognition of same-sex marriage in Wisconsin is how the status of children will be impacted if the marriage ends in divorce. For instance, if a same-sex couple is raising a child together, but only one is the child's actual biological or adoptive parent, what rights and responsibilities will each parent have? For instance, if you are not the child's biological parent, do you have any right to custody or visitation, or can the other parent effectively shut you out? Alternatively, can you be required to pay child support?

Ultimately, it may take time before these issues are resolved and their processes firmly established in Wisconsin, which is why it is crucial to seek dedicated legal guidance from an experienced lawyer if you have any questions related to same-sex divorce.

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