Providing You The Knowledge And Insight You Need

If you are facing a divorce, you probably have a number of questions and concerns: "How can I be sure I am protecting the best interests of my children? What does this divorce process look like? What about the money? How do I choose an attorney?"

At Weber Law Office, I can provide you with the answers you need as well as practical help for all of your divorce-related needs. As a divorce lawyer with more than 20 years of experience, I have dealt with all of these issues before. I can help you understand your rights, your options and the divorce process.

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Answers And Practical Help For Your Divorce-Related Questions

My job as your lawyer is to help you get the knowledge you need — including insight into how your decisions will impact you and your children over the long term — and help you make informed decisions throughout the divorce process. Operating as a one-lawyer firm allows me to meet with you personally and give you the individualized attention you need through this potentially difficult process.

I represent clients in divorce matters that include:

  • Property division: Wisconsin is a marital property state, which means that, on the date of your marriage, your assets and debts are all subject to 50-50 division between you and your spouse, unless it can be categorized. I can help you place value on your assets and differentiate between marital property and separate property.
  • Financial support and maintenance: Child support, spousal support and maintenance are often contentious issues in divorces. I can help you determine the likely support and maintenance determinations to be made by the court, and petition the court to deviate from its determinations when appropriate.
  • Child custody: Through litigation or mediation, I can help you establish a parenting plan and child custody arrangement that is fair to you and protects your child.

Every divorce is different. For some divorcing couples, the most important issue is property division. For others, it involves making sure the children receive the support and care they need. This is why the personalized service I provide is so important. I will meet with you personally and take the time to learn about the issues that are most important to you in your divorce. This will help me obtain results for you that are personally tailored to you and your children.

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