The Help You Need With Child Custody Matters

Every aspect of divorce can be complex and contentious, but when children are involved it raises the stakes to a whole new level. It is essential to work with an attorney who can help you through the child custody aspects of your divorce. Too much is at stake to work with anyone else.

As a family law attorney with more than 20 years of experience, I have handled many child custody and modification cases. As a one-lawyer firm, I will handle your case personally, not a paralegal or assistant. I will help you through every stage of the process to make sure your needs are taken care of.

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What Child Custody Process Will Apply In Your Case?

Wisconsin has a number of different steps that you must take in a custody dispute, including:

  1. Mediation: First, an independent mediator meets with two parties outside of the courtroom to work out an agreement, if possible. The mediator will work with you to develop a custody agreement. I can assist you in preparing for the mediation session to make sure your interests are protected.
  2. Guardian ad litem: If the custody agreement is not established in the initial mediation, the court will appoint an attorney to serve as a guardian ad litem, representing the best interest of the children. I can help you through every aspect of this part of the process, including helping you provide the information needed and representing you in the meetings with the guardian ad litem. I have also served as a court-appointed guardian ad litem, so I understand what a guardian ad litem needs to know when representing the best interests of your child.
  3. Trial: This is the last step. If an agreement cannot be reached, I will represent your interests aggressively in the courtroom divorce trial.

I will walk you through each of these steps to make sure you are prepared and that your interests are protected.

Free Initial Consultation Available

I offer free initial consultations so you can talk with a lawyer for free and learn about the steps in the process of child custody determinations. To schedule your free initial consultation, call my office or contact me online.