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Resolving family law matters in Wisconsin can be emotionally taxing, not to mention incredibly complex. In fact, a single divorce may quickly give rise to several related, yet distinct, family law disputes ― particularly if children are involved. In cases such as this, it is vital to work with a lawyer who possesses the knowledge and skill necessary to help you through this often difficult process.

As a River Falls attorney who has been practicing law since 1996, I have extensive experience handling a wide variety of family law cases in Wisconsin. At the Weber Law Office, not only will I provide you with the answers you need but you will also receive personalized and dedicated service. Your family law issues are too important to trust to someone else.

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What Divorce Issues Do You Need To Resolve?

During a divorce, several issues will commonly need to be dealt with, including the division of property and spousal support, just to name a few. However, when children are involved, matters can be even more complicated.

For instance, not only will child support need to be determined but custody as well. Additionally, with the recognition of same-sex marriage in Wisconsin, new laws will need to be established in order to address issues related to child support and custody when same-sex couples split ― further illustrating the need to contact an attorney who is on the forefront of developing law.

Given my years of experience, I can help you resolve your family law concerns. Indeed, when it comes to child custody disputes, I have an especially unique perspective since I routinely represent the best interests of children as a court-appointed guardian ad litem. I can also assist with other child-related family law issues not associated with divorce such as adoption.

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