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River Falls Child Support Lawyer

Following divorce, it is important to remember that parents have a continued obligation to provide for their children. For some parents, this particular responsibility may even result in child support payments.

In Wisconsin, child support is typically calculated using a predetermined formula that takes into account several variables, including the income of both parents as well as a child's visitation and placement schedule, just to name a few.

These variables not only affect which parent will ultimately be responsible for making child support payments but also the amount of such payments. As a lawyer with over 18 years of legal experience, I will work tirelessly on your behalf to help ensure the court takes into account all relevant variables when assessing child support obligations.

Additionally, while questions regarding child support often come up during divorce, they can arise even when parents have never been married. However, regardless of the situation, the Weber Law Office can provide experienced and hands-on legal guidance during child custody disputes.

Child Support Modification In Wisconsin

Similar to custody orders, Wisconsin child support obligations may also be modified when certain conditions are met. For instance, a substantial or material change in circumstances may necessitate an adjustment to child support payments. In Wisconsin, such circumstances may include situations in which:

  • The needs of the child change
  • The income of the paying parent changes
  • The earning capacity of the paying parent changes

Regardless of whether you are trying to modify or enforce an existing child support order, it is important to seek experienced legal representation.

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If you have questions regarding potential child support obligations, including whether it is possible to get a modification, contact me for a FREE initial consultation. While the Weber Law Office is located in River Falls, I assist clients throughout Pierce and St. Croix counties and the surrounding areas. You can reach me online or by calling 715-629-9051.

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